Forza Horizon 5’s latest update brings multiple bug fixes, visual improvements to PC, and more


Forza Horizon 5 has been out for a long time, and while players enjoy their racing extravaganza, some bugs have always been a minor annoyance to a great experience. Fortunately, Playground Games did not leave the game alone: ​​another update came out with various fixes.

The update, which is already available for all platforms, fixes quite a few bugs and improves overall stability. Some PC-specific fixes have also been added, such as improved texture quality when running the game at ultra settings, and improved foliage. Also, with this update, the frame limiter on PC is now working as expected. Some exploits that remained in the game were also fixed.

You can see the full list of changes here, below only a small part is presented, Chinese voice acting was also added in this update, but recently the creators announced that they are already working over full Russian localization

  • Various stability, memory and performance fixes.
  • Crash could occur when installing a game using a path that was too long (Steam only). Now an error message will appear instead.
  • Fixed an issue where progress in Horizon Stories could be blocked and subsequent chapters would not unlock despite meeting the requirements.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when deleting an opponent’s notification in the message center.
  • Various fixes to improve server stability and bandwidth optimization to improve the reliability of all online game modes
  • Players no longer lose their skill chains when disconnecting from Horizon Life
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in friends not showing up in the online player list
  • Fixed display in the list of online players of the wrong car and player level for other players in the session
  • Fixed an issue where the Horizon Arcade “Stay with the party” message could get stuck on the screen after the event ended
  • Fixed an issue where the “Finding a Session” notification could remain on the screen
  • Improved the quality of distance textures when using the Ultra quality setting on PC
  • Improved foliage texture quality when running at Ultra quality settings on PC
  • Turning screen effects off now disables chromatic aberration
  • Fixed chromatic aberration getting too extreme at ultra-wide resolution
  • “Limit Frame Rate” option now works as expected
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in longer loading times on PC when the framerate was unlocked
  • Made changes to the target hardware profiler to better select the correct graphics preset
  • Rebalanced some vehicle mastery tables to eliminate exploit loops. This will return mastery points to the player on all affected vehicles.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to earn Mastery Points while AFK.
  • Fixed an exploit related to wheel rotation
  • Fixed Toyota Celica where applying a JSP Motorsport Sport rear fender flipped vinyls upside down
  • Fixed broken Lamborghini Espada textures on windshield wipers
  • Added missing ForzaVista pins on Jaguar XJ220S
  • Fixed Jaguar XJ13 cockpit cameras being too dark
  • Fixed an issue where the cockpit camera was too dark for convertibles when the roof was down
  • Treasure chests and seasonal collectibles no longer count towards bonus board collection statistics
  • Players must now participate in the full Horizon Arcade (complete 3 rounds or all 10 minutes) to complete the “Festival Playlist” challenge
  • The Weekly Challenge will no longer show incorrect progress in its chapters if you drive a vehicle that does not meet its requirements.
  • Simplified Chinese voice added
  • Fixed an issue where users could receive rewards from multiple manufacturers on the car collection screen

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