“Fuck you and your sense of self-importance”: Ron Perlman responded to critics of the satire “Don’t look up”


Don’t Look Up co-star Ron Perlman spoke out harshly against critics of Adam McKay’s satire. Perlman, who played the role of Colonel Benedict Drask in the film, in a recent interview with The Independent collapsed on the film’s critics, calling this criticism “sick:

Fuck you with your sense of self-importance and your eternal craving for criticism just to somehow draw attention to yourself at the expense of something you have no idea about creating. This approach is corrupt, sick and very disgusting. This is how the Internet almost killed journalism. And now journalism is trying its best to adjust and maintain its relevance.

Pearlman’s comments contain a very amusing point of view. It is impossible not to admit that these days there are too often people who like to bring down their negativity when they disagree with something. But it seems that Pearlman is not going to agree with the controversial criticism of the film “Don’t Look Up”.

Yes, perhaps the reaction to the film was unnecessarily harsh, and that’s where Pearlman’s rage is directed. If someone doesn’t like a movie, they can – and should – just move on and not trumpet it from the highest buildings. However, it’s safe to say that not everyone who doesn’t like Don’t Look Up is actively trying to undermine the film’s message. Sometimes a movie just doesn’t resonate, and that’s okay.

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