Gabe Newell personally delivers signed Steam Deck consoles to customers


Over the weekend, several posts appeared on Reddit from users claiming that they received the Steam Deck from none other than the Valve boss himself. In the comments to first post about this, another recipient also claims that his wife received a Steam Deck from Newell, who was accompanied by a whole film crew.

The post also says that Newell has signed a protective case for the Steam Deck. If the claim that the Valve boss was accompanied by an entire film crew is true, then it’s likely that we’ll see footage of Saint Gabain delivering these Steam Decks in the coming days or weeks.

In second message it is said that Newell actually gave two people Steam Deck, although they did not order them. In the comments, the user claims that he and a friend saw Gabe and the film crew go into a nearby house, and when they greeted him, he disappeared into a large van and left with two signed consoles for each of them.

Over the past year, the head of Valve has been making public statements quite often, but this is perhaps a big step forward. In fact, Newell just confirmed over the weekend that Steam Deck is not getting a price increase just yet. As for future price increases, the door, unfortunately, always remains open to that possibility.

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