GamesVoice Studio announced the start of work on the Russian voice acting of Ghostrunner


ghostrunner is an acrobatic cyberpunk game where you play as a ninja cyborg and have to dodge and fight your way through collisions. Borrowing gameplay from games like Mirror’s Edge, Ghostrunner is a platform game at its core, and quite challenging at that. Players must run, jump and fight their way through abandoned factories and crumbling city blocks in the grim Dharma Tower, humanity’s last refuge.

Studio GamesVoice reported that they have been working on localization for several months and some of the material has already been recorded. You can see their work below in the demo video that is timed to coincide with this announcement.

Key characters are voiced by: Andrei Lysenko – Running Shadow, Leonid Belozorovich – Architect, Christina Sherman – Zoe Avila, Natalia Gracheva – Mara “Mistress of the Keys”. Estimated release date is set for spring 2022.

Ghostrunner is available on PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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