Gears 6 prepares for motion capture

The unannounced but imminent Gears 6 is gearing up to record its motion capture episodes.

According to a new job listing, The Coalition is looking for a Motion Capture Technician to work on its Gears of War franchise, where the selected candidate will help “ensure high quality data capture/data quality assurance during filming” and more for what is clearly Gears 6.

Gears 6 is believed to be in development as another live service game just like Gears 5. The Coalition was looking for a design director just last month to adapt “PvP and PvE experiences for future games” in the Gears of War franchise.

Last year, The Coalition announced that it would be moving “several new projects” to Unreal Engine 5. Although the developer never mentioned Gears 6 by name, he assured that the Gears of War franchise “will always be at the forefront of Unreal Engine development.” As such, Gears 5 will be the last installment in the long-running franchise to use Unreal Engine 4.

Gears 5 was released in 2019 as the last main installment. It was the biggest launch of a generation for Xbox Game Studios at the time, with over 3 million players in the opening weekend alone.

However, despite all this praise, Gears 5 performed poorly on the retail charts. Gears of War 4 sold much better on launch week, and Gears of War 3 did even better. Microsoft has never confirmed how many copies of the game have been sold in total, but analysts have often cited a figure of over 5 million sales.

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