Genshin Impact 2.7 may feature a long-rumored character


It looks like the highly anticipated Genshin Impact character Yelan may be making his debut in the 2.7 update. This story contains potential spoilers, so consider this a warning.

Lumie’s Twitter account shares that Yelan is set to be the first banner for the 2.7 Genshin Impact update and that she remains a five-star character. Update 2.6 for the gacha game will be released on March 30, so Elan may not appear soon. At the time of writing, Mihoyo has not confirmed the leak, so keep that in mind. However, since last year, the developer has been revealing the characters one update earlier than usual, so Yelan could be revealed sooner rather than later, according to the data.

Lumie also shared that Kouki Shinobu will be the second new banner of patch 2.7. Although Mihoyo has not confirmed this fact, Shinobu has already appeared in Genshin Impact. This four-star character is Arataki Itto’s second-in-command. When Itto was introduced by Mihoyo last year, the developer complemented his character with quotes from Shinobu asking people to contact him if Itto was in trouble.

So far, we haven’t seen too many references to Elana in the game, though some other details have surfaced. Lumi previously shared a deleted photo of the character, which confirms that she is a hydro archer.

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