Genshin Impact’s ‘Sea Lantern Festival’ Coming Soon

Update 3.4 with new content will be released on January 18th.

With the advent of the Sea Lantern Festival in Teyvat, festive events and New Year’s atmosphere will once again transform Li Yue Harbor. This year’s special events include a music festival featuring guests from distant lands and the much-loved paper theater show performed by local artists and Travelers.

The new version will also feature two playable Dendro characters. After participating in the main storyline, Sumeru al-Haytham will finally be a playable five-star character with one-handed weapons. In combat, al-Haytham can create Mirrors of Light by converting his own attacks into Dendro damage, perform joint attacks, increase his elemental blast damage, and increase his combat strength in many other ways. Another new Dendro four-star character is Yao Yao, the adorable child from Li Yue. In battle, Yao Yao uses the Spear and an invention of a certain Adept, the “Yuegui” mechanism, which helps her increase damage and heal teammates.

Players will also be able to visit the Hadramavet Desert, a new area in the northwest of Sumeru. At its center, a huge whirlwind rages, which brings violent sandstorms to the earth, revealing buried secrets in the process. After the Golden Dreamland quest, players will embark on a new adventure with Jeht at Camp Tanit, find a magical bottle, and set off in search of long-forgotten legends and the Oasis of Eternity, where, according to legend, King Deshret stopped time in memory of the goddess of flowers.

Version 3.4 of Genshin Impact will be released on January 18 on PlayStation, PC and mobile devices.

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