Geralt, Executioner of Doom and other characters appeared in Fortnite

And also the map was updated, the arsenal of vehicles and weapons was replenished. All this with the start of the first season of the fourth chapter of the royal battle.

Completing Battle Pass missions will grant players Selene as a companion and unlock the following skins and gear sets:

  • adrenaline-filled night owl – Massai
  • an absolute nightmare for your enemies – Executioner of Doom
  • violent rebel – Dusty
  • gifted with vision – Nezumi
  • High Stakes Club members Alaya Aoni and Halsey
  • lord of the empire – Eternal
  • famous monster hunter – Geralt of Rivia (available later)

A new island has appeared on the Fortnite map, where gamers will find special areas, including the fortress and the Golden Castle. Here you can ride in a snowball and arrange a shootout on an abandoned farm.

Players can also try out a new vehicle – a motocross bike, and check out the latest weapons. And owners of powerful video cards and next-generation consoles are waiting for new features with the transition of the game to Unreal Engine 5.1.

You can find all the details of the update by going to link

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