Ghost of Tsushima – Patch 2.17 Coming Soon Adding Custom Mode for Platinum Survival to Legends


Because this month Ghost of Tsushima: Legends became free for owners PlayStation Plus, Sucker Punch Productions will release a new patch in the coming days. Patch 2.17 (i.e. 2.017.000 for PS5 players) is offering fixes for both the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut and the standalone Legends mode. However, the newest feature for the latter will be a custom mode for Platinum Survival.

Basically, you can enable up to four difficulty modifiers along with three Nightmare hazards for a match. There is no matchmaking, but the Fill Party objective will be available. Some other changes include an “Increase Existing Property” option when re-renting equipment. It replaces the “Keep existing property” option.

On top of that, recalculated stats will never decrease, and you can also reroll locked perks and stats on 120 Ki gear. However, it will cost one piece of equipment cleansed per reroll.

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