Glen Scofield has shared a new image of the monstrous creature The Callisto Protocol. News coming next week


Striking Distance Studios CEO Glen Scofield took to Twitter to announce the upcoming news of the upcoming survival horror game The Callisto Protocol. Scofield revealed that we can expect news next week and, as a bonus, posted a new close-up image of what appears to be some kind of monster.

If you haven’t already followed @CallistoTheGame now might be a good time to start. Stay tuned for news next week. In the meantime, here’s a close-up of one of the creatures from our character team. They are incredible. Happy Friday the 13th! Be ready!

Set on Jupiter’s dead moon Callisto in the year 2320, The Callisto Protocol is a new take on the horror of new generation survival. The game challenges players to escape the Black Iron maximum security prison and uncover its horrific secrets. Combining horror, action and compelling storytelling, the game aims to set a new bar for horror in interactive entertainment.

The Callisto Protocol will release sometime in 2022 for consoles and PC. Specific platforms (other than PC) have not yet been announced.

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