God of War has sold over 1 million copies on PC, according to SteamSpy


God of War came out on PC on January 14th, and by the looks of it, this former Playstation exclusive is selling well on the boyar platform. The game has been the best-selling game on Steam for the past two weeks, with over 1 million copies sold according to SteamSpy.

SteamSpy estimates that between one and two million copies of the game have now been sold. Note that SteamSpy only shows game sales estimates (based on the number of players who own the game). Also note that SteamSpy only tracks public profiles, which means those with hidden profiles (who own the game) don’t count. Therefore, theoretically, real PC sales can be higher than one million. Let’s also not forget that God of War is available through other PC digital services such as the Epic Games Store.

To be honest, God of War deserves these sales as the PC version is in excellent condition, running smoothly on a wide variety of configurations.

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