God of War has sold over 2 million copies on PC, according to SteamSpy.


God of Warseems to have become the best selling game Sony on PC today. The game was released on January 14 and, according to Steam Spyhas sold at least 2 million copies on PC.

Estimated Steam Spy, the game has sold between two and five million copies. note that Steam Spy only shows the estimated sales of the game (based on the number of players who own the game). Also note that Steam Spy only tracks public profiles, meaning those with private profiles (owning the game) are not counted. Therefore, theoretically, real sales on the PC can be higher than two million. Let’s also not forget that God of War available through other digital services for PC, such as Epic Games Store.

It cannot be argued that the game was sold in the amount of 4 or 5 million. However, according to these statistics, it has definitely sold at least 2 million copies.

So just a month version God of War for PC reached the goal of 2 million copies. This may explain why Sony thinks GoW great success on PC. It is also worth noting that Santa Monica and jetpack interactive They have already released six patches for this game.

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