God of War PC Update 1.0.7 Released

A week ago, developer Santa Monica Studio released the v1.0.5 update for the PC version of God of War, which brought a lot of minor changes. However, the update caused crashes for many players, but the good news is that it is now fixed.

In the v.1.0.7 patch notes, which the studio shared today, there is only one change, but, it is important. “Fixed a crash that affected a large number of players after the v1.0.5 patch caused by a Link Time Optimization compiler issue,” the note explains. It’s unclear exactly how many players were affected, but given the mention of it being “a large number of players”, it looks like many will be happy to know that the bug has now been fixed.

The developers thanked those who helped them find this bug in the experimental branch.

This issue appeared in the game’s Known Issues thread on Steam earlier this week, with the team explaining that they “saw repeated crash reports after updating to patch v1.0.5 and up.” Most of the other known issues in the list are marked as “fixed”, although the studio says that if players find any issues they can file a ticket on the support site, which “helps us a lot to collect all the information we need to properly access each of them.” “.

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