Gourmet cuisine appealed to bloodthirsty players: Ravenous Devils sold over 100,000 copies


The Ravenous Devils are starting to reap the first fruits of their success. In a press release, Italian studio Bad Vices Games confirms that the cannibalistic cooking sim has already reached 100,000 copies sold in just a few weeks.

Ravenous Devils is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles from April 29, 2022, and inspired by the urban legend of the demon barber named Sweeney Todd, the game has captured the attention of gamers with its captivating themes and atmosphere. In honor of this momentous occasion, the developers confirm the availability of support for five new languages, namely Spanish, French, Turkish, Japanese and Korean. The arrival of the German language is also confirmed, although this is expected next week.

In terms of new content, Bad Vices Games has confirmed that they are working on an “Endless Game” mode that will allow the two main characters, Percival and Hildred, to keep killing and cooking customers non-stop. At the moment, the day on which the new game option will be available has not yet been determined, but the authors promise news on this matter in the near future.

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