Gran Turismo 7 has the lowest user rating on Metacritic among Sony exclusives


The controversy surrounding Gran Turismo 7’s latest update continues unabated, and the game now boasts the lowest average user rating on Metacritic, at least for a PlayStation exclusive.

At the time of writing, the average user rating for the PS4 and PS5 versions is 2.5/10. In Metacritic’s 27 years of existence, no PlayStation Studios game has performed worse.

A single-player game that requires players to have a network connection, this alone was enough to piss off most players, but it didn’t seem enough to the Japanese and in the latest update they cut the number of credits issued to players as a reward for participating in racing races, and that’s all, in order to to encourage players to microtransactions. This was the reason for such a low rating and review bombing by users.

The previous holder of the dismal record was World of Warriors 4 on PS4 with a score of 2.9, followed by NBA 10 The Inside for PSP with a score of 3.0 and Cool Boarders 2001 for PS1 with a score of 3.3. It’s worth considering that these three games only have a handful of reviews each, while Gran Turismo 7 has over 3,600 reviews.

Of course, the rating denied to Gran Turismo 7 is a reaction to the game’s monetization policy, not an actual judgment against it.

After all, many negative reviews also indicate that the game is very good. In fact, we are dealing with a form of protest against dubious design decisions.

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