“Grandma Skyrim” received a new gift from Bethesda


Bethesda released The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim in 2011, and since then the game has become popular thanks to its many ports. One of Skyrim’s most dedicated fans is Shirley Curry, aka “Skyrim’s Grandma,” and Bethesda has honored her on numerous occasions, including recently when the team sent her a gift.

Shirley Curry posted a video to celebrate a Skyrim gift basket full of stuff from Bethesda Softworks. These gifts include socks, Khajiit figurines, a cookbook and more, all themed around The Elder Scrolls franchise with a focus on Skyrim.

She thanked everyone at Bethesda, especially Bethesda Community Leader Jessica Finster, who has kept in touch with her since her rise to popularity.

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