Gripper, Akira-Furi Hybrid Coming Early 2023

The release of the game is being prepared for PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5.

In Gripper, players will take on the role of None, a cyber biker stuck inside a collapsing world. After leaving his parents long ago, one day None returns and is forced to save the world from the artificial intelligence known as Zero.

To do this, he must venture into the remote reaches of post-apocalyptic space, connected by winding tunnels, and explore the deadlands with the help of his mechanized companion, Cat-Kit, to ultimately defeat the ruthless bosses by ripping out their hearts.

The Gripper game loop consists of three phases: the player’s base, tunnel racing, and boss fights. At the base you can relax and set up your bike. In the tunnels, players will drive at full speed, avoiding obstacles and dodging traps. And in boss battles, gamers will fight unique bosses.

The project will be released in 2023, and on Steam You can already add it to your wishlist.

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