GTA 6 will have fuel consumption, refueling and more types of entertainment


Rumors are actively spreading around the network about the alleged first key features of the new part of Grand Theft Auto. It should be noted right away that the source of the leak is an anonymous user and it is impossible to confirm his information, but his statements look very plausible. Apparently GTA 6 includes all the elements from the last part, with even more emphasis on realism and serious storytelling.

According to the information presented in Grand Theft Auto 6 will first appear realistic fuel consumption system. Players will have to keep an eye on the tank and fill it up periodically using separate gas stations. It will be possible to buy a new car not only in the usual ways, but also to go to full-fledged car dealerships, where you can inspect them and talk with a consultant.

An anonymous insider claims that the new game will feature more outdoor activities. Players will be able to visit a skate park, rollerblade, visit a zoo and an amusement park. Reportedly, the developers have stuffed the city with various parties, which will be held right on the streets or in special rooms.

Grand Theft Auto 6 will focus on a serious main story narrative, which will be divided into large chapters. Various characters will often contact the player by phone, the style of communication with some of them can give you new allies or enemies.

Official details about the game can be found along with the release of the first trailer. According to rumors, the debut video of GTA 6 should be released this year.

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