GungHo Announces Survival Game Deathverse: Let It Die

GungHo Online Entertainment has unveiled Deathverse: Let It Die, an all-new multiplayer game dedicated to the deadly game show.

Deathverse: Let It Die is a hand-to-hand fighting multiplayer survival game set in the Hunger Games style game show Death Jamboree. Fighters brandish weapons of all kinds, wear outlandish clothing and compete to be the last to stand.

According to the official PlayStation blog post, the action takes place hundreds of years after the release of the first Let It Die game, which takes place in a virtual world called the Universe of Death. It was created by the Yotsuyama Group and is the “end point for the soul of people”.

“The lucrative cash prizes and immersive survival gameplay have drawn a fanatical audience, making the program a worldwide phenomenon,” Supertrick Games producer Shuji Ishikawa said in a blog post. “The players will take part in the show like regular members who have appeared on the show to crush their rivals.” Participants fight with Wilson’s squads, robotic assistants that transform into various weapons and activate skills.

The release of Deathverse: Let It Die is scheduled for spring 2022. The original Let It Die, released in 2016, is an ongoing multiplayer online game in which players try to climb a tower while battling the horrors inside. According to the official website, the game recently recorded 7 million downloads since launch.

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