Gunsmiths from Man At Arms made Godric’s ax from Elden Ring


The Man At Arms team, which specializes in creating weapons from games and films, this time focused on one of the hottest releases of 2022 – Elden Ring. Blacksmithing specialists decided to make the ax of Godric, one of the famous bosses of the game.

The project as a whole has an incredible scope in its execution in all its aspects, and this is perhaps one of the most intricate works of Man At Arms to date, one that impresses not only for its scale, but also for its rich decoration.

Having forged an ax from Elden Ring, the team traditionally tested its “combat” capabilities (with difficulty trying to raise the object above their heads). You can admire the fight of weapons with a dangerous opponent in the form of a watermelon from the 27th minute of the recording.

In Europe, we will be able to start playing Elden Ring from midnight on February 25th. At the same time, the first reviews of the latest game from the Japanese studio FromSoftware will be available tomorrow.

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