Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is getting a new single-player game this year


Project Golden Necker currently under development in the team CD Project Red and is intended to provide a “thrilling single-player experience” different from previous versions of the digital card game.

Project Golden Necker will be a completely standalone game and will not require players to own any other versions of Gwent in order to have the full experience.

Gwent was a fan-favorite mini-game included with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but in 2001 it evolved into a multiplayer game in its own right. In turn, two years later, Gwent got its own spin-off – an excellent game Blood feud: The Witcher. Stories.

Project Golden Necker will be something completely different, according to the head of the communications department, Pavel Burzhi:

This is not another game from the Witcher Stories series, but something else. We aim to create an engaging singleplayer game for players who prefer it to competitive multiplayer Gwent.

One of the creators of the game, Vladimir Tortsov, said that the official presentation of the game will take place in the near future, the launch is scheduled for 2022

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