Hackers release Nvidia DLSS source code to the public


Nvidia has been under a major cyberattack in recent days, and some results are beginning to emerge in recent hours, with the entire source code of DLSS technology being posted online.

This is not the only thing that was stolen during the attack, as it also talks about the source codes of the drivers, the ability to disable the NVIDIA Lite Hash Rate, a special code that is responsible for limiting the hash rate of the graphics card’s cryptocurrency, as well as documents related to upcoming Nvidia hardware, such as information about the Blackwell architecture. But among all this information, there is also the presence of the full code related to the DLSS technology, in which Nvidia has invested a lot.

As proof of the theft, a screenshot is circulating on the net, which shows a large package of directories and files that originate from the DLSS code, with a large number of informative documents, such as the “Programming Guide”, which should also explain the functioning of the technology and its applications. In addition, this is DLSS version 2.2, which means it is very fresh, using the latest developments.

It’s not easy to predict what might come out of such a leak: commercial use is probably impossible given the potential for collision with Nvidia’s patent-protected technologies and items, but examination of the code could lead to possible implementation of DLSS in open source areas such as drivers for Linux and things like that.

In any case, this is the first sign of the damage suffered by Nvidia as a result of the recent cyberattack that “completely compromised” it, according to recent reports.

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