Hackers stole 700 GB of EA data, including the source of FIFA 21

Hackers have also gained access to PlayStation VR and artificial intelligence documentation when developing games, according to a new report.

EA’s publisher was hacked by a team of hackers who stole 780GB of game data, according to the report. The stolen data reportedly includes FIFA 21 source code and tools from the Frostbite engine, although EA claims no player data was taken. A subsequent report says the hackers used company credentials acquired online to trick IT support staff into thinking the attackers were employees.

According to the initial report, hackers have access not only to the source code of FIFA 21, but also to the matchmaker server code. And beyond the Frostbite engine tools, hackers claim to have stolen EA’s proprietary frameworks and software development kits that make it easier to create games.

A source with access to the forums where the hackers posted the stolen data showed screenshots of messages written by the criminals, one of which states that you have “full access to all EA services” while inside EA’s corporate networks.

In a follow-up report, the hackers’ representatives explained exactly how they got the EA data. It all started with buying stolen employee-owned cookies for $ 10, then used them to impersonate those people on the company’s official Slack channels. The hackers then requested a multi-factor authentication token to gain access to EA’s corporate networks after telling IT support that they had “lost” their phones. Apparently, this was twice successful and led to access to the EA network and subsequent theft.

An EA spokesman said the company was investigating the incident, but reassured fans that “no player data was available.” The spokesperson also said the company has improved its security infrastructure to prevent this from happening again and is now working with law enforcement to sort this out.

“We are investigating a recent intrusion into our network in which a limited amount of the game’s source code and related tools were stolen,” a spokesman said. “Player data has not been accessed and we have no reason to believe that there is any risk to player privacy. We have already made security improvements since the incident and do not expect this to affect our games or our business. We are actively working with law enforcement officials and other experts as part of the ongoing criminal investigation. “

According to Motherboard, hackers also keep documents on things like PlayStation VR, how EA creates virtual crowds in games like FIFA, and information about AI in games. In total, the hackers claim they have 780GB of EA data and are reportedly looking to sell it on online hacker forums.

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