Halo: Infinite campaign details revealed

Developer Halo Infinite 343 Industries has finally shared more details on the game’s campaign, and it kicked off with a fresh campaign demo on Monday (watch it again below). Another Escharum video was released on Tuesday, and now more is known about the campaign. On his blog, 343 talked more about what to expect from the Halo Infinite story.

In Halo Infinite, set on Zeta Halo, players track the exiles to various locations in an open structure. But why did the exiles take over Zeta Halo? Who’s the new enemy, Harbinger? These and other mysteries may be at the heart of Halo Infinite’s story.

“Our beloved old Installation 07 has always been full of intrigue and importance within the broader Halo narrative, but if you think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, there are a couple of surprises in store,” 343 said. and trying to make it their own, although for what purpose – and for what reason – remains unknown. One thing is for sure: they will not surrender without a fight. And speaking of unknowns, we also saw Harbinger for the first time. We have nothing to say about this curious character, but I will tell you this: they are definitely not prelates. “

According to Halo lore, prelates are super soldiers fighting for the Covenant.

One of the UNSC foremost operating bases that players must rebuild in Halo Infinite.

343 said it will expand on the Halo Infinite campaign and its “mysterious storylines” ahead of its December launch. A couple of new screenshots have also been released.

The Halo Infinite campaign encourages players to travel across the map and destroy the exiled enemies that have taken over UNSC bases. It seems like players can progress through the campaign at their own pace and go wherever they want, as opposed to the more strictly linear campaigns of the early games. 343 said, “Oh, and make sure you take back every UNSC forward operating base you can. Rumor has it that they have stories to tell … “

After Long Delay, Halo Infinite Launches December 8th For PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S via Game Pass. Multiplayer Element is a standalone game that can be played for free. There won’t be a co-op campaign until 2022, and Forge will also appear after launch.

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