Halo Infinite lost players on Steam

Most recently, developers at 343 Industries celebrated the successful launch of Halo Infinite. The new shooter in the popular sci-fi series of games has gathered more than 20 million players around it. At release, the project was indeed super popular, but according to the latest data, Halo Infinite is rapidly losing its audience on PC in the Steam digital store.

From almost 300 thousand active players, the peak online Halo Infinite dropped to 24 thousand in a day, and right now there are only 8 thousand players in the shooter. These are still good figures, but for a game that has a free online mode, such numbers can be disappointing. According to data SteamDB player activity has been steadily dropping since the release of Halo Infinite. Multiplayer content updates failed to bring players back.

Low online Halo Infinite may indicate that most gamers came to the game for the paid story campaign. The shooter showed the highest performance just at the time of the release of the single-player mode. Most likely, in a few months the players managed to complete the campaign and did not participate in online matches.

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