Halo: Infinite Returns Arena Mode, and Big Team Battle Increases Player Count to 12

After a big talk at the Xbox E3 briefing on Sunday, Microsoft is wasting no time to reveal more about the multiplayer game Halo Infinite. Developer 343 Industries released its multiplayer preview trailer today, June 14th.

The video features multiplayer game designer Patrick Wren and game designer Fernando Reyes Medina, as well as other developers from the studio. The video covered the new seasons of Halo Infinite, its Battle Passes, customization systems, and more. He also touched on the new training mode The Academy, and the developers said that over time, new maps and modes will be added to the game. The full video is filled with tons of new ideas, so be sure to check it out.

At E3, Microsoft confirmed that the classic Arena mode is back and Big Team Battle now has a total player count of 12 x 12. We also learned more about some of the new maps and modes, while 343 began discussing game customization and a kind of guide that introduces bots and other adaptation systems.

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