Heavy Machine Guns Debut in Enlisted

As well as a new STZ-based map and other content.

The latest update adds the ability for engineers in machine gunner units to install heavy machine guns of 12.7 mm caliber on the battlefield, which are capable of shooting through several enemy soldiers at once, tearing off the wings of aircraft and even piercing the armor of light tanks and SPAAGs.

All playable nations in the game will receive one of these machine guns: the US Army will use the M2 Browning, the Japanese will use the Type 93, the Germans will get the MG-131, and the Soviet soldiers will tear the enemy to shreds with the DShK.

The Stalingrad Tractor Plant produced agricultural machinery, but with the outbreak of World War II, it switched to tank building. STZ continued to operate even during the siege of the city, actively repairing wrecked tanks, and its workers were directly involved in defensive battles around the plant, which is reproduced in Enlisted. The appearance and plans of buildings in the game are based on real archival photos and videos.

Players will be able to walk around the factory floors: see foundries, production and assembly lines, which still have unfinished T-34s. Outside, the plant is still at the mercy of the harsh winter, so winter camouflage is just what you need here.

The update also contains many other new or upgraded military equipment such as the SIG 1920 submachine gun or the Type Ko rifle, or even the MG 15 with a specialized double 75-round magazine, as well as the prototype RPD-44 machine gun. Among the new combat vehicles is a modification of the M3 Stuart tank with a flamethrower instead of an onboard machine gun, which is great for repelling enemy infantry attacking in the forehead.

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