Helen Ripley, the iconic heroine of the 1986 sci-fi action horror film Aliens, is presented as a collectible figure


A huge number of fans of the Alien universe will definitely be happy about this news. Helen Ripley, one of the best action heroines of the 80s, received a magnificent, highly detailed action figure that true collectors would not mind putting on their shelves (or maybe on their desks).

I don’t want to hear about it, Bishop. She’s alive. There is still time.

Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway are proud to present an amazing addition to the highly anticipated Ultimate Premium Masterline series: ALIENS 1:4 bonus UPMAL-01S: Ellen Ripley!

Rising to the rank of Lieutenant 1st Class on the USS Sulaco, Ellen Ripley has remained one of the high points for action heroes for the past 36 years! Smart, brash and direct, Ripley takes control of any situation that goes awry.

Fantastic team of craftsmen Blitzway succeeded with this incredible 22-inch (55.7 cm) facsimile (reproduction of original source) of Ellen Ripley. She appears both alert and wary as she makes her way through the intricate structure of the Atmospheric Refinery. Ripley’s improvised weaponry is the M240 combo flamethrower and M41A pulse rifle… perhaps the most iconic sci-fi weapon ever made.

Ripley’s stunning likeness is further enhanced by impeccably matched fabric accessories! Her shirt, pants, gun belts, grenade sling, ammo bag and M-94 flare bag… all perfectly matched in fabric to her size. The zippers on Ripley’s pants are fully functional.

Following the locator, Ripley moves through the narrow aisles of the Atmospheric Refinery, and here the machinery Prime 1 Studio really shines! Not only does Ripley’s base look like a messy industrial maze of pipes and grates, but if you look down at the platform, the LED-lit floor recreates the seemingly endless levels Ripley must complete until she reaches the xenomorph queen’s hive!

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