Hideo Kojima Announces Death Stranding: Director’s Cut For PS5

Hideo Kojima hinted at his next game and unveiled the Death Stranding: Director’s Cut trailer coming to PS5.

Hideo Kojima made a surprise appearance during the Summer Game Fest kick-off stream to talk about Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, which is coming to PS5. Shortly before the screening, he spoke with host Jeff Kayleigh about his next project and the current state of the world, as well as unveiling a Director’s Cut trailer, which clearly shows the Metal Gear style.

Filmed on PS5, the trailer showed Sam “Porter” Bridges exploring a small storage room, dumping a box of oranges – in a slight nod at Metal Gear Solid 2 – and hiding inside like a Solid Snake. The underground facility he was in, which was not in the original game, had soldiers similar to the Homo Demens terrorists who appeared throughout the game, but much more paramilitary. There was a headline at the end of the trailer showing the Director’s Cut, followed by a snapshot from the PS5 console. Host Jeff Keighley noted that there are still “several weeks” to go until full disclosure and that a PS5 update is coming soon.

Before Death Stranding was announced, Kojima talked about how COVID-19 has impacted game development at his studio and shared some details about his next project. He told MC Jeff Kayley that the reality of COVID-19 is similar to the world of Death Stranding, and it made him rethink his creative process. Kojima said he could not say what his future creative projects will look like, but he is thinking about how to find new ways to create games. He also reiterated that he loves to bring social elements to his games.

Little is known about Death Stranding: Director’s Cut other than the fact that it will include new content and bring Kojima’s game to PS5. According to Kayleigh, we should expect more information on the game in the coming weeks. Following the game’s presentation, Nvidia GeForce’s Twitter account also gave a brief hint at the Director’s Cut disclosure, which may look like this edition of the game could also appear on PC. Death Stranding was released on PC last year and included a set of visual and game improvements that greatly improved the open world experience.

It will be interesting to see what the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding adds to the game. Additionally, Death Stranding will likely take advantage of the PS5’s unique DualSense controller, which offers a very tactile and unique way to connect to games thanks to enhanced vibration and tactile feedback. Previous Kojima games have had similarly improved ports that have been added to bonus content, so we may see something new in Death Stranding in the future.

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