Hideo Kojima Receives Minister of Education Fine Arts Award


Hideo Kojima received the Minister of Education’s Fine Arts Award in the Media Arts category. Kojima Productions press release and social media. The press release says:

The Fine Arts Awards are presented in each of 11 categories: Theatre, Film, Music, Dance, Literature, Visual Arts, Broadcasting, Popular Performing Arts, Art Popularization, Criticism and Media Arts. The Minister’s Awards and the New Artist Awards honor those who have achieved outstanding results over the past year.

The Fine Arts Prize is a historical award given annually by the Agency for Cultural Affairs since 1950 to individuals who have achieved outstanding achievements in various fields of art and opened up new horizons. The Media Arts category is the newest of 11 categories, launched in 2008.

This time released last year DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT was highly praised by the members of the selection committee and was selected to receive the award. This is the first time anyone from the gaming industry has received this award in the Media Arts category since Shigeru Miyamoto received the Minister’s Award in 2010.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut was released for PlayStation 5 last September and will be released on PC later this month.

Kojima Productions is also working on new projects. Los Angeles also created a new division focusing on film, music and television.

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