Hideo Kojima showed off the new office of his studio, which is located right next to Sony


The other day it became known about the sudden relocation of the Kojima Productions studio to a new office. Such a very ordinary organizational issue aroused unprecedented interest among the players. The founder of the studio and game designer Hideo Kojima has already managed to share photos of the new place of work, which only raised the degree of discussion in the community.

Initially, users associated the move of Kojima Productions with the likely purchase of the Microsoft studio. According to the most popular theory, the studio was supposed to move closer to the Xbox offices and start working on new projects, however, apparently, the move was to another large company. According to published photos from Hideo Kojima, users have found out that the studio’s new office is now located next to Sony.

Now gamers are confident in some kind of deal between Sony and Kojima Productions. If rumors are to be believed, Kojima’s studio will take the place of the now-defunct SIE Japan Studio and focus on a variety of projects for the PlayStation.

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