Hitman 3 was released on Steam yesterday and immediately received a debacle from the players


IO Interactive has released Hitman 3 on Steam after a year of Epic Games Store exclusivity.

The price of the game is quite decent – 2698 rubles. In the Epic Games Store, the price also increased by almost 1000 rubles, although before that it was 1549 rubles.

It turns out that after the release on Steam, the game immediately went up in price, although the game does not include any bonuses or add-ons. As soon as support for virtual reality helmets appeared, and gamers were not enthusiastic about this, and do not understand the reasons for such an inflated price, the rating on Steam is now 29%.

On consoles, the price remained unchanged – 4,999 rubles on the PlayStation and 4,586 rubles on the Xbox.
The trilogy and the price for it turned out to be very strange. Even today, the Hitman compilation was released with all parts of the game combined.

The price is set at 4,300 rubles for PC and 7,130 rubles for console versions, while players receive only the main set of cards, and additional cards and missions from add-ons for previous parts must be purchased separately.

The Xbox Game Pass option is more advantageous, as the full trilogy was immediately added to the service on PC and consoles. But for a complete set, you will also have to buy DLC for all three parts of the game.

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