Hitman Reddit Community Temporarily Disabled Due to Violent Hate towards Steam Version of Hitman 3


Hitman 3 was released yesterday on Steam, after which users began to destroy this version of the game, giving the game low ratings, as well as inducing buzz in the official community on the Reddit website.

Basically, the complaints relate to the excessively high cost of the game, which is already exactly one year old. It is a pity for users to give 4,300 rubles for a complete edition of a year-old game. In addition, the cost of publications in the Epic Games Store has also increased against the background of the release on Steam.

In user reviews, even the call “Buy the game to leave a negative review and return it.” is popular. Players also complain that they are being cheated by not giving free integration of past maps to those who bought the first two games.

Due to these grievances, the official Hitman community on the Reddit website was littered to such an extent that the site administrators had to temporarily disable the community in order to calm the fervor of the fans.

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