Humble Store removes EA games from its list


In a statement, Humble Bundle announced that Electronic Arts games are no longer available on the Humble Store. The retailer removed EA games from sale on March 4, 2022, and those with EA or Origin keys will need to redeem them by March 18. After this time, the keys will become invalid.

The company said this only applies to sales through the Humble Store and does not apply to EA games purchased as a bundle or through the Humble Choice subscription service. All “victims” were sent emails. Additionally, Humble will automatically attempt to redeem any remaining keys if your Humble and Origin accounts are linked. This attempt will be made on March 17, but it may not be possible in all cases.

Humble has urged anyone with keys to activate them by March 18, as no replacements or refunds will be issued after that time, even if automatic attempts to add content fail. While Humble hasn’t given a reason for the move, it has sparked speculation that EA wants to ditch Origin and focus entirely on EA Desktop.

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