Humorous card simulator Dwarven Skykeep will be released in autumn 2022

This is a pixel art game from the Russian studio Hack the Publisher in which you will help Doctor Kness build the tallest towers in the land of the Dwarves.

In Dwarven Skykeep, players will explore the properties of the cards, which include weapons, spells, and a variety of tools to build an enchanted castle.

Using the deck, players will help Dr. Sevendar Kness build a tower in the city of Dwarves, equip it with workbenches, alchemy laboratories and forges.

While the construction is underway, the dwarven squads under the player’s control will have to protect the building from enemy attacks and natural disasters.

The release of Dwarven Skykeep is scheduled for autumn 2022. You can already try the demo version of the project on Steam.

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