I Am Legend 2 Needs Alternate Ending For First Film

The I Am Legend 2 alternate ending with Will Smith is finally going to happen – which is great, but it’s impossible to get by without the first movie’s alternate ending becoming canon.

The appearance of the sequel means that the alternate ending of the first film must be canon. News of the development of I Am Legend 2 took many by surprise. The audience expected a remake or a new version based on the original source, and not on the film with Will Smith.

Despite the success of “I Am Legend”, which grossed more than $585 million worldwide, the film caused a polar reaction from viewers and critics. In addition, the story is set in such a way that it does not suggest a sequel, as Smith’s character dies at the end.

In an alternate ending, the protagonist realizes that he is dealing with someone especially important to the creatures and that his attempt to heal the Seekers of Darkness failed to bring them the desired salvation. As a result, the hero allows the Seeker of Darkness to leave.

In addition to being a great alternate ending for I Am Legend, given the original story of the novel, it can also be said to be the only ending that could allow Will Smith’s character to return. Recall that in the original ending, Smith’s hero explodes and becomes a legend to the rest of the surviving people, while the alternate ending indicates that he will have to deal with the ambiguous consequences of his own actions and the results of his discoveries about the true nature of the Seekers of Darkness.

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