‘I prefer original stories’: Roland Emmerich wouldn’t make movies for Marvel


Roland Emmerich is not interested in working with a major studio like Marvel. In an interview with ComicBook, the director of blockbusters like Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow said he prefers developing original stories rather than adapting material, as is the case with comics.

“[Фильмы Marvel]I don’t think it’s mine at all. Yes, some do, but I always try to tell original stories. It’s just my thing… There are a lot of great directors who can make a good adaptation,” he commented.

When asked if he follows the MCU, Emmerich replied that he has a completely frivolous relationship with the franchise. “I would not say that I watch everything they release, although I will definitely watch many of them sooner or later,” he added.

Emmerich’s next directing project will be the disaster film Moonfall, in which Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson attempt to save the Earth from total annihilation after the Moon deviates from its orbit and threatens to crash into the planet.

The premiere of the film in Russian cinemas is scheduled for February 3, 2022.

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