Impressive new footage from Project Ferocious, a destructible shooter, a Turok- and Crysis-style game


Solo developer OMYOG has shared the progress of Project Ferocious, an ambitious first-person shooter with destructibility that combines the best elements from Turok and Crysis. The author published several videos in which he boasted of ready-made plant physics and animation for dinosaurs.

Plants in Project Ferocious will be able to distinguish themselves with well-thought-out physics of behavior. Depending on the player’s actions, they will react accordingly. For example, the Taro plant will very accurately track the position of the player’s body and move in the right direction.

According to the developer, dinosaurs in the game will also be very detailed despite the use of procedural generation. Textures for creatures will be created based on a well-thought-out generation system that will preserve the desired detail and provide built-in optimization. In the video above, the author demonstrated the physics of dinosaur feathers and the work of his muscles when moving.

Project Ferocious is being developed with Unity for PC. The game claims an atmospheric setting with dinosaurs and cutting-edge graphics, but no word on when to expect the game’s release.

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