In Elden Ring found an item that allows you to simulate the environment and hide from enemies


Although before the release Elden Ring a little more than a week, some lucky players have already been able to spend several hours in the fantasy world without any restrictions. Having received the pre-release version, these people praised the freedom that the game gives in exploration, customization of classes and weapons, as well as a huge number of side missions. One of these lucky ones stumbled upon an item that completely changes the way the game is played. It allows users to take on the appearance of surrounding objects and hide from enemies by transforming Elden Ring to a weirder version Prey: Mooncrash

Found in an inconspicuous chest Mimic Veil (mimic veilb) is a simple item that can be activated with a small amount of mana. Once activated, it turns the player into a random and seemingly innocuous object, such as a bush or box. After this disguise, enemies will not pay any attention to you when they pass by. This opens up a whole new way of fighting in the lands Elden Ring.

If the enemies can’t see you moving as an object, you can easily sneak up on them and deal with them in style. Metal Gear Solid. This method will require some practice and patience from you, as you will memorize the enemy’s patrol pattern and keep a close eye on him. Plus, if an enemy sees you moving in a box shape, they’ll be ready to fight or flee. If this seems too difficult, you can always use the Veil to simply avoid enemies. As long as they don’t block your path, you can take the form of an inconspicuous plant, wait for the enemy to turn away, and then sneak past him.

It will be interesting to see how players will use this item when Elden Ring will finally be released on February 25th.

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