In many regions, the price of Horizon Zero Dawn on Steam has increased two to three times, this did not affect Russia


Just because the price in Russia has already been set within the pricing policy for our country, although it is worth noting that a slight increase in price did occur, but only by 200 rubles, it was 2800₽ but it became 2999₽.

Many users from different regions of the world were not pleasantly surprised by the actions today Sonywithout any apparent reason and announcements in many regions, the price of Horizon Zero Dawn was increased by 2-3 times. For example, in India, the price increased from 1099 rupees to 3299, in Mexico it doubled, in the Philippines from $20 to $50. Users, to put it mildly, are shocked by these changes, but some found irony in these actions, in their opinion. Sony just decided to make a purchase Bungie and preparing for the launch of the sequel

You can look at the price change on the game page on the website SteamDB

Let me remind you that yesterday it became known that released in 2017 Horizon Zero Dawn was able to overcome the mark of 20 million copies sold. The calculation took into account both console sales and PC sales, where the game was released in 2020. In 2019, sales were about 10 million copies.

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