In Marauders, players completed over 30 million raids in a month

Team17 and Small Impact Games shared positive statistics on the new sci-fi session.

Marauders is a session PvPvE shooter set in an alternate 1992. Players in it act as space pirates, robbing stations and ships during dangerous raids. Similar to Escape from Tarkov, in the event of death, the player loses all equipment and loot, and the successful completion of the sortie can be celebrated by purchasing new equipment.

The game was released in early access on Steam in early October. According to project publisher Team17 and developer studio Small Impact Games, during the month that Marauders was in Early Access, players managed to complete more than 30 million raids.

According to the developers, the favorite weapon of most raiders is the StenMK2 submachine gun, and the average number of kills per raid by a scavenger is up to four.

The game is available on Steam and receives mostly positive reviews. Read our preview on Marauders, we talked about everything there!

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