Insanely Insane Teaser for ‘Three Thousand Years of Waiting’ from the ‘Mad Max’ Director


We finally get to see what George Miller, director and screenwriter of Mad Max: Fury Road, has been up to. A short but very informative teaser of the film “Three Thousand Years of Waiting”, which Miller has been working on since 2018, has appeared on the network.

The Oscar-winning Tilda Swinton and the charismatic Idris Elba are announced in the lead roles. The plot of the tape was based on the story of the writer Antonia Byatt. In the film “Three Thousand Years of Waiting” the audience is waiting for a not quite familiar interpretation of the myths about gins.

A full trailer for the movie is expected to be released on Friday. Three Thousand Years of Waiting is scheduled to premiere on August 31st.

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