Insider says Hogwarts Legacy will release in the third quarter of 2022


Yesterday Brazilian Publisher Account Warner Bros.. on Twitter dispelled the rumors about the postponement Hogwarts Legacy for 2023 and confirmed that the game will still be released this year. Today, according to well-known insider AccountNGT on Twitter, information about the release period has appeared.

“Now that the 2023 postponement rumor has been debunked by several official sources, I can post this tweet,” AccountNGT wrote. “As I said a few weeks ago, according to my information, Hogwarts Legacy will be released in the third quarter current year”.

Recall that the insider in question has a certain amount of credibility, especially for accurately providing information about the announcement. Star Wars Eclipse from Quantic Dream, with many illustrations attached.

According to an insider, the development of Hogwarts Legacy “going well”, which thus refutes recent rumors of problems in the work on the game, which would force Warner Bros. reschedule its release to 2023.

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