Insider: Unreal Engine 5 in the new Witcher will significantly simplify development and improve game optimization


Among the most talked about topics this week was the move of a new game in the Witcher series to Unreal Engine 5. Developers from the CD Projekt RED studio have already managed to talk about the advantages of using a different engine, substantiating them with very vague statements about the open world. An insider with the nickname LastKnownMeal is ready now to reveal the specific reasons for the refusal of REDengine.

According to the source, the reason to use the new engine is quite banal. Unreal Engine 5 will allow you to better control all the development processes of a new game, as well as greatly simplify the life of developers. Using the currently popular engine, the studio can request help from a third-party studio at any time, which will allow them to quickly complete development or solve technical problems, avoiding transfers. In addition, Unreal Engine already boasts built-in optimization, which will also reduce the number of problems for a future game before release.

LastKnownMeal claims that even after several major updates to Cyberpunk 2077, developers are having trouble with REDengine. The latest version of the engine does not cope with the basic requirements of the team and only burdens the technical department, so moving to another engine has been discussed for a long time.

When to wait for the release of the new Witcher is not reported. The studio just announced that we are waiting for a new open world and a massive level of immersion.

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