Intel and AMD stopped deliveries of processors and video cards to Russia

American IT giants Intel and AMD have suspended supplies of equipment to Russia. It is reported by RBC with reference to its own sources.

It is noted that this was spoken “orally” to Russian partners. In addition, Intel has already managed to warn its Chinese colleagues about the ban on importing processors to Russia. The information was confirmed by a representative of ARPE (Association of Russian Developers and Manufacturers of Electronics).

Intel itself, in a comment to RBC, did not confirm or deny the information, sharing the same comment that was sent to us yesterday, February 26.

“We are closely monitoring the situation and ensuring compliance with applicable export control sanctions and regulations, including new sanctions imposed by OFAC and regulations issued by BIS.”

One RBC source notes that the restrictions seem to apply only to the corporate segment, while consumers, in theory, should not feel any changes.

However, everything related to the industrial segment is banned, including the import of production equipment and components, which will definitely have a negative impact on domestic production.

However, another market participant fears that the bans will also apply to the consumer sector.
Subsequently, they may reconsider their position, since “there are sanctioned components inside these computers that are not subject to re-export.”

To summarize, everything is still vague and, most likely, the corporations themselves do not understand at all how to comply with the restrictions and what exactly falls under them. We are waiting for clarification and further news.

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