Internet hero: Robert Pattinson secretly argued from his fake account with ill-wishers on the Internet

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the actor admitted that he sometimes gets carried away and he simply sees nothing else but to get into discussions and put in his five cents. This was especially evident after his appointment to the role of Batman.

So, when sometimes you just see a pretty abstract message like “Just please, just leave me alone.” So, this is me. Stop picking on flaws. I do everything in my power — said Robert.

Plus, Pattinson described online forums as a helpful resource as he prepared to don the Dark Knight costume:

I’m just re-reading it all over again and I realize it’s very helpful to have these fan theories handy. I used to look at a lot of stuff, and it really gave a lot to my character. Still looking at it these days… I usually do it in the shade.

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