It’s time to go to cubic Chernobyl: MMO-shooter STALCRAFT was released on Fogeym

It has everything that gamers love the iconic post-apocalyptic universe so much for: stalkers, anomalies, monsters, artifacts, outliers and much more.

STALCRAFT is a huge post-apocalyptic man-made world full of dangers and treasures.

At the very beginning, the player chooses one of two factions: stalkers who hunt for swag, or bandits who hunt for stalkers. Then he finds himself in an open world where he has to explore the Exclusion Zone, fight monsters, avoid dangers, collect mysterious artifacts, exchange them for weapons, upgrade his character and interact with other players.

This is where the variety of STALCRAFT gameplay opens up. It has a huge variety of events, which means that each user will be able to play in their favorite style. Players are offered a rich selection of weapons and equipment that can be upgraded and made up their own unique builds.

You can play STALCRAFT for free: to do this, you need to go to your account (or create one) in the Fogame launcher and download the game.

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