Japan to Host Unusual Street Fighter 5 Esports Tournament for Blind Players


Japan will soon host the Street Fighter 5 Shingan Cup – a special esports competition, because all its participants are players who have been blind since birth. In fact, they only use audio to understand what’s going on in the game.

This may seem strange to many, given that Capcom’s fighting game was not created specifically for this type of gamer, but someone managed to make it more accessible.

The Shingan Cup (Shingan means “eye of the mind”) was organized by ePARA, a company that promotes and supports the participation of players with disabilities in esports. The organizers promise that the tournament will show the beauty of working to overcome disability and the great opportunities that eSports provides.

Fighting game fans will be amazed by the tactics and techniques designed specifically for blind players and their opponents.

The competition will take place at the Mirairo House in Sumida Ward, Tokyo and will not be open to the public. All matches will be streamed online on the official ePARA channel.

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