Jared Leto: “We’re hard at work on Tron 3”


After mixed reviews, Disney struggled to find the right path to continue the series, but in 2017 news broke that Jared Leto could star in a Tron reboot, which has since been described as more of a sequel than a reboot of the franchise.

In the five years since Leto was involved with Tron 3, work on the film hasn’t progressed until 2020, when Disney re-started development on it. Shortly thereafter, Garth Davis (The Lion) was announced to direct Tron 3. In honor of this announcement, Leto appeared to reveal the title of the sequel: a since-deleted tweet called the movie “Tron: Ares”.

But since then, for more than a year, there has been no significant news about how the work on the film is progressing. ScreenRant had the opportunity to chat with the Morbius star as part of a press tour, and eventually the conversation came up with a question about the status of Tron 3. Summer has nothing special to say about the project. He only shared his enthusiasm and said that eventually the film would be made.

I’m a super Tron fan and we’re hard at work on a sequel with our incredible partners at Disney. Just an amazing group of creative people. We are getting closer. We’re getting closer and closer and who knows? Perhaps something [произойдет] sooner than later.

Leto’s glimpse of Tron 3 could be a sign that Disney has decided to move forward with the sequel. As previously stated, Jared has been cast in the lead role in the film, Davis is directing, and Jesse Wigutow is writing the screenplay.

Disney still hasn’t officially greenlit Tron 3, reportedly. The lack of information about the sequel in the press may be due to the fact that work on various elements takes place behind closed doors.

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