Jeff Ross, Days Gone director, now with Crystal Dynamics


Jeff Ross announced today that he has officially joined Crystal Dynamics as Director of Design, after working on the creation of Days Gone at Sony Bend Studio.

Ross announced his new role directly on his Twitter, in which he simply announces his arrival at Crystal Dynamics, and also raises the topic of open vacancies in the team.

I am happy to announce that I am now working for the amazing company Crystal Dynamics as Design Director. That’s all I can say at the moment, except that I’m excited about the new project and the team of great people. This summer I will be working in Seattle.

Jeff Ross left Bend shortly after the release of Days Gone, and as you may recall, this was due to some internal disagreements. According to Ross and John Garvin, another project leader, the game was ostracized by Sony for its poor critical reception, despite being a commercial success. This issue led to the cancellation of Days Gone 2 and the couple’s departure from the studio.

At the moment, Jeff Ross is an important member of Crystal Dynamics, looking forward to seeing exactly what he’s working on. For now, we know that the team is collaborating with The Initiative on Perfect Dark, as well as developing a new Tomb Raider based on Unreal Engine 5, according to today’s reports.

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